Thursday, 27 March 2014

A1 Diana Cornelia Salajeanu



Hand made drawings

A1 Chess into Architecture

    First of all, as I usually need to do some drawings to hand in a quick way, to know how to continue the evolution of my project. To do this, now beginning to get some related chess as game forms. So looking for a structure that would offer levels and while talk of chess. Along with this idea aparecian related with lights, leftovers, scales and a new idea of ​​the material model I proposed to my project.

Drawings to hand:

   This idea of the model began to be a model made with materials that had put in my project by levels. But after the idea was how if they were routes, which is why the board had to do that was specific to my game, it was now my architecture. It creates the tunnel that runs connected by walkways clear I can be changing shape at will to see every possible way there with all my travels "game" or my architecture:

 Model about materials, tours and shapes:

    With the same model I have been able to study the lights and shadows that affect the board. To do this, I studied photos indicating the hours in my project and I could see how the light and shadow change with chess pieces surrounding my board. It's a way to see how the shape adapts to the environment and, that shadows create my possible structure. 

Time, shadows and light in model:

    Secondly, I created another form on this idea of ​​architecture as logic game such as chess. To do this, I created the same levels linked in three dimensions and in every place I've played through diagrams the program to be developed in each. In this manner also influences the time. So we can see each volume leaves a space defined by different objects that restrict to a particular function. 

Spaces with diagrams and mesures about the objects that defined the program in each space:

   Finally, the A1 I have to do now regarding this item and the previous technical drawing me ideas also relates to a possible chess arquitectectura combining all the ideas I've been working on for the course.

A1 about chess and architecture like a game:

A1 28-03-14

Friday, 14 March 2014

A1-Diana Cornelia Salajeanu

I was talkin with somo people about public spaces, and asked them what thing they want to improve in this spaces, and how. Many of them say the same thing: we need specific spaces for different kind of people, because we are different and we do not the same things when we are in the park...
So I started to think in the word ''adapt'' that means that with the same thing, you can transformate it to get different results. I started to experiment with elicoidal structures, to transform them and to get different shapes, for introduce them into the specific public spaces.

Thursday, 13 March 2014


A1 My Project: "Chess into Architecture"

  In this phase of the project attempts to relate course all the ideas we have been investigating. The most important thing in my project is people delve into it through with chess shape and architecture. In this connection is the strongest link the movements, which set forms space standards goviernen by movements and distances. 

   First, I needed to do drawings and writings which explain my idea to combine chess and architecture as completely as possible. So I made in the various skechs booknotes:

   At the same time, people have a predetermined path and this directly determines the shape of architecture. In the following pictures the movements are specified by the variables and the people who influence my project. According to the forms and feelings spaces have a different function, so, many ideas relate to each other. The architecture in this case, sets out a strategy as in chess.

People go deep in my project:

   After this research and analysis project acquired the dimensions, levels, different scales ... The forms will be adaptable to different environments and sites as a design happens I desapercebido ofreca not want problems to the environment. This structure can achieve large must also be analyzed by the environmental impact. For all that, it will also be important to establish the materials and lights and shadows to produce this product synthesis architecture with chess.

  Finally how do I get in my explanatory A1 of my project is the following as a synthesis of all these ideas and research.

A1: Chess into Architecture:

Bea's A1

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Diagram from Maria to Diana:

Drawing from Diana to Maria:

Diagram from Bea to Natalia:

Diagram from Natalia to Alex:

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Projecting with people

In order to develop my Project I tried  to find a conection between the first video I did and the program I worked with at the end of the last term.

In the first video I was working with the scale and movements but now I have find that also I can work with the repetitions. The whole video is a sequence of  repeating movements.

The program I worked with was the daily routine of people compared with a squirrel’s daily routine. It was a study about the time we spend all the year in the same actions. I made a diagram about actions and repeating movements.

Another video I made was about the interaction with animals, so now I wanted to interact with people, that is totally different than interacting with animals, and people had to do daily actions and repeat them again and again. The reaction was that people felt stupid because actions lose sense with the repetitions. Animals can make the same action without feeling stupid.