Friday, 18 October 2013

Second project - Diana Cornelia Salajeanu

To do something in a good way, you have to know very well the people, the space, the problems, the needs.. in my brother's bedroom, I changed the position of the forniture because I want tha my brother fells happier when he opens the door.

First project - Diana Cornelia Salajeanu

Architecture is like a way. This way has to start in the heart, because its very important to do things because you want to do them..

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Working with our ideas

Every artist need to dream. Frequently, dreams are the inspiration of big projects. That's why we have been working with the fact of sleeping. In this video we show our deepest dream: the architecture as a place to help people.
We all wanted the architecture to provide confort and protection for people who need it. However,we have created a new place, a place to dream but also a place to project. We show ourselves in a polemical place that also could be confortable. When people realized we stayed there, they stopped for a while and they comment and where interested in what where we doing. That's what we were looking for, people to know that every place is available to dream.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Art of Architecture

For me, art and architecture are very close.
In this video i tried to change one space, the street, the way to do these is transforming it in a museums, as i said, architecture is art, and the places where there are, streets, are museums. In order to increasing this thinking, I tranformed the image of a building in a photography using frames.

Beatriz Burrueco Gómez

What does the architecture mean to me?
In the architecture sometimes  we ignore details. There are lot of little things we don’t pay attention of.  I like to understand architecture as a joint of things that at the beginning they don’t have sense but in the joint they have a meaning because they play a role in the proyect. I’m trying to say that little things could make big things together if we combine them in a particular way.

In the future, when I became an architect, I will combine my little skills and all I will have learned to do big projects.
Changing the space
 In this picture you can see my room with my personal details and my stuf, but in the second picture everything have changed. My room is not my room, it is my skirrel's "room". My bedroom have became a jungle by changing little things. I'm working with the scale. A place that is a room to me, could be a jungle for the skirrel.
Projecting outside
To continue working with the scale, I've gone outside to work in a bigger room which is the town. I am working as if the street was my room and I am studying in my "desktop" sitting on my chair.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Saturation of forniture

Firts of all you can see my room in a normal day. It's full of stuff.
In the second picture I have cover the stuff and stants to show a room without the saturation of forniture.
It's a way to change tha spaces because, like and art, if you change the details, yo change the space.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Third project - Diana Cornelia Salajeanu

The Walk

What is the context (space/time) of my architecture?

The architecture that it was inside my room has relationship whit the vision of an architect. For this, the context (like as spaces and time) will represent a real vision for people and a point of view of a future architect.
In the film is seen at couse of a normal day of a person. But, there are times where the space changes and becomes a possible wokspace or in a study of an archited. Features are comfort, a relaxed space, designs, drawinsg, computers... and, ultimately, the street could be a space converted into a cultural (art) space where people can enjoy into a new architecture.
Finally I thought to change the context as if it were a new design to crate new spaces where art and
architecture developed.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Art and Architecture

Art and architecture are very close to me.
ARQ is to build houses, buildings, parks, offices. It's to crete things like tables, chairs, desing the life.
ART is make sculptures, paintings, ultimately, it's add some color to life.
As I said, for me these concepts are very close, almost, they are hand in hand. And that's because what is architecture if not drawing in the akylines of cities.

How to adapt my room to my architecture?

   My room has been converted into my future study architecture. Walls are adorned by my drawings of my projects. I have adapted a new big chair to my desk of work. It differs drawing area of rest and relaxation. It's my ideal place to feel comfortable and work on my architecture and my designs.


What kind of archited do you want to become?

   I want to become a type of arthited practical, interested with the art and the desing. And it's important that I have always been tied to the chess game.
   Nowadays I'm giving lessons of chess to the children in college as out-of-school subject. And I think that in the chess everything has his because, it's to say, everything his reason to be. This is a idea that I want to project with my futur architecture.
   Since of my point of view the chess is a art, and it could be very connected with the architecture. And my models in the chess might design my way of projecting the architecture. Peaces of the chess project their own meaning: Laborer is building, Bishop is amusement, Horse is assay, Tower is hardness, Lady is design, King is observation and projection.