Wednesday, 9 October 2013

What kind of archited do you want to become?

   I want to become a type of arthited practical, interested with the art and the desing. And it's important that I have always been tied to the chess game.
   Nowadays I'm giving lessons of chess to the children in college as out-of-school subject. And I think that in the chess everything has his because, it's to say, everything his reason to be. This is a idea that I want to project with my futur architecture.
   Since of my point of view the chess is a art, and it could be very connected with the architecture. And my models in the chess might design my way of projecting the architecture. Peaces of the chess project their own meaning: Laborer is building, Bishop is amusement, Horse is assay, Tower is hardness, Lady is design, King is observation and projection.

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