Monday, 14 April 2014

A1 - 15/04/2014 - Diana Cornelia Salajeanu




How Life Imitates Chess, "ask why a strategy to become an experience"; "question oneself and open mind"; "Chess is difficult, requires effort, serious reflection and earnest investigation"; "analysis is essential"; "for great things, we must dream as well as act"; "chess proposes boldness and prudence in the same pack."

   My project proposal been guided how to join chess, a way of life, to architecture, other real and impressive lifestyle. The fundamental connection that I found between these two ways of understanding has been through movements. Movements regulate the structure and design all arqutectura in general; in chess are what determine each item and transforming each position. Therefore, the best way to interpret the project and project it in connection with movements and concepts forming like a game, the real game that has never been given. 
    It is an amazing way to create architecture for me.


(Cómo la vida imita al ajedrez: "preguntarse ¿por qué? convertirse a una estrategia en una experiencia"; "cuestionarse a uno mismo y abrir la mente"; "el ajedrez es difícil, exige esfuerzo, serias reflexiones y ferviente investigación"; "el análisis es esencial"; "para conseguir grandes cosas, debemos soñar tanto como actuar"; "el ajedrez propone osadía y prudencia en el mismo pack".

    Mi propuesta de proyecto a sido guiada por la forma de unir el ajedrez, una forma de vida, con la arquitectura, otra real y impresionante forma de vida. La conexión fundamental que se he encontrado entre estas dos formas de entender ha sido mediante movimientos. Los movimientos regulan la estructura y el diseño, toda la arqutectura en general; en el ajedrez son los que determinan cada partida y los que transforman cada posición. Por todo ello, la mejor forma de interpretar dicho proyecto y de proyectarlo en mediante una conexión de movimientos y conceptos fundamentales formando así como si fuera una partida, la partida más real que nunca se ha dado.
     Es una forma amazing de crear arquitectura para mí.)


Friday, 11 April 2014

Analysis if the shapes

The analysi of the shape start in the reindrop or flame, this basically shape create the spiral that is one of the most important pillar of shpes I'm studing.
The perfecto shape of the raindrop is the sphere, is one of the pilar of the spaces i'm studing, this sphere can be used to creaty different sensations and can be adapted to every moment and needs, this is the way I'm going to study materials

Relations of levels in the city

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Structuring the landscape and city in the country.

   The virtualization software on the landscape is a good way to preever the consequences. The different types of cities require different resolutions and, consequently, you must pay attention to all items that can be given in accordance with differnt nature landscapes, wildlife, flora and society:

Landscapes and dimensions in the territory

  The dimensions and measures in the architecture are crucial. In chess each step is also measured in some way. Therefore, the connection between the two items you try to size the territory in the best way possible and connect every corner in the same landscape:

Programmatic and social problems to solve

  The explanatory diagrams on the program the various actions and functions that must be overcome in the social aspect are presented. It is intended to solve as best as possible the most optimal connection between functions and spaces. It is an integrated program for chess:

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Materials and mesures

Work Improved

This is a study about the mesurement of different aspects with some materials. How affect our actions to the materials. For example while walking or jumping or scretching we can mesure the pressure of our step, the heat, the speed and the deepness.
 That was the previous drawing

The circulation in the city

Hundreds of movements in the city make the city alive. Movement is life.

 This is an example about the how people extend from a focus to the city. It is a map of torrellano with the two most important flows of people caming from Elche and from the train station.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Friday, 4 April 2014

The living city

In the city there are different movements and levels of movements (different heights). I understand the city as a living being that is always changing. The red color means the circulation of movements inside the city and also the circulation blood in the living being.

Work in progress

Work in progress

Work in progress

Work in progress

I am remaking the last term drawing improving all the aspects and including more information. Is not finished yet.

Work in progress

This is a diagram about my project and I will improve it during the next week.

Continue with project development

   In this part of the project I have centred on the development of the skins and the materials according to the structure of the tours. Also, since this structure had to be adapted to all kinds of environments one tries to adapt to everything the areas and possible landscapes without causing too much contrast.

   In consequence, also we can verify as the chess it uses as guide to adapt the program of our project to the landscape. This is because a major comfort wants to be obtained for the people who uses the structure and the graphs in the chess are a clear example of adapting the cards to the suitable position.