Thursday, 30 January 2014

Conclusions of Projects 2

P2 Video

Hello this is my video where I show what I've been working on.
The question I've been asking myself is
What is architecture?
It's difficult to answer this question if you think on it carefully

The architecture is a mixture of every knowledge. Science and Art
I can see the architecture everywhere…in every little detail.
I am like a little animal exploring the house as it was the world and looking for the exit that brings me to the best architecture, the nature.
I'm specially interested in organic structures and natural movements that conect the different spaces.


Imagine you are a squirrel
Wouldn't your world be as a big architecture?

Video about Projects 2

Monday, 27 January 2014

Video P3

P2 Summary

The project developed in Proyectos 2

   The following video is a short summary about the project that we have been developing in the course of "Projects 2". The video brings together the connection established the architecture, with chess, all this, from my point of view. And then the connections between public and private spaces that can be set at the end.