Saturday, 12 October 2013

Beatriz Burrueco Gómez

What does the architecture mean to me?
In the architecture sometimes  we ignore details. There are lot of little things we don’t pay attention of.  I like to understand architecture as a joint of things that at the beginning they don’t have sense but in the joint they have a meaning because they play a role in the proyect. I’m trying to say that little things could make big things together if we combine them in a particular way.

In the future, when I became an architect, I will combine my little skills and all I will have learned to do big projects.
Changing the space
 In this picture you can see my room with my personal details and my stuf, but in the second picture everything have changed. My room is not my room, it is my skirrel's "room". My bedroom have became a jungle by changing little things. I'm working with the scale. A place that is a room to me, could be a jungle for the skirrel.
Projecting outside
To continue working with the scale, I've gone outside to work in a bigger room which is the town. I am working as if the street was my room and I am studying in my "desktop" sitting on my chair.

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