Thursday, 6 March 2014

Projecting with people

In order to develop my Project I tried  to find a conection between the first video I did and the program I worked with at the end of the last term.

In the first video I was working with the scale and movements but now I have find that also I can work with the repetitions. The whole video is a sequence of  repeating movements.

The program I worked with was the daily routine of people compared with a squirrel’s daily routine. It was a study about the time we spend all the year in the same actions. I made a diagram about actions and repeating movements.

Another video I made was about the interaction with animals, so now I wanted to interact with people, that is totally different than interacting with animals, and people had to do daily actions and repeat them again and again. The reaction was that people felt stupid because actions lose sense with the repetitions. Animals can make the same action without feeling stupid.

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