Thursday, 13 March 2014

A1 My Project: "Chess into Architecture"

  In this phase of the project attempts to relate course all the ideas we have been investigating. The most important thing in my project is people delve into it through with chess shape and architecture. In this connection is the strongest link the movements, which set forms space standards goviernen by movements and distances. 

   First, I needed to do drawings and writings which explain my idea to combine chess and architecture as completely as possible. So I made in the various skechs booknotes:

   At the same time, people have a predetermined path and this directly determines the shape of architecture. In the following pictures the movements are specified by the variables and the people who influence my project. According to the forms and feelings spaces have a different function, so, many ideas relate to each other. The architecture in this case, sets out a strategy as in chess.

People go deep in my project:

   After this research and analysis project acquired the dimensions, levels, different scales ... The forms will be adaptable to different environments and sites as a design happens I desapercebido ofreca not want problems to the environment. This structure can achieve large must also be analyzed by the environmental impact. For all that, it will also be important to establish the materials and lights and shadows to produce this product synthesis architecture with chess.

  Finally how do I get in my explanatory A1 of my project is the following as a synthesis of all these ideas and research.

A1: Chess into Architecture:

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