Thursday, 27 February 2014

Study on the movement of people, his travels and design

   First of all, by a diagram on the people who will interact in my project were people in my surroundings, I studied their movements and routes. These movements and routes are transformable and adaptable to a specific design and structure in my architecture. As in the game of chess you can play a game once because we scored and finished movements, so in this case the rules endow the space coordinates by letters (A, B, C, D, E, F, G , H) and numbers (1, 2, 3, 4) which may be different varianbles as hours, activities, places, people ....
Diagram about people, movements, activities and spaces wich structure:

  The following model allows to design the space and create a changing space. The letters and numbers vary depending on which canviarán person who is speaking. Thus we see how we can create different strokes and all forms adapting it to people.

How to register movements in chess:

Model of the paths according to register people: 

Thus for example we could create my model structure and round as my schedule and my movements.

Example of track such as a especific movements (A1, B3, D2, E4, F1, G3, H2, A4): 
A: 8:00 h.                             E: 18:00 h.                                   1: Casa
B: 11:00 h.                           F: 20:00 h.                                   2: Trabajo
C: 14:00 h.                          G: 22:00 h.                                   3: Estudio
D: 17:00 h.                          H: 00:00 h.                                   4: Ocio

Example of recording:

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