Thursday, 20 February 2014

P3 Drawing

The three models were related to the structure , space and materials. The model space trying to create places from confusing and labyrinthine ways. These spaces can be created in many places , such as a building.

One of the most important points that has been my work has been focused on materials , particularly in materials with colors and their influence. Not all give color to apply to all places , so I colored a drawing which could be a module housing or a hotel , but for an office complex would be unsuitable and we can see more shades of gray in another is more appropriate for this place.

The structure was identical modules that are repeated but in a different position , so you can create passages for example , playing with the simplicity yet creating an indoor-outdoor space with fuzzy boundaries .

How to create an outdoor space in an a public area that is open and closed at the same time ?

Furthermore , the structure and the spaces create shadows that change throughout the day.

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