Thursday, 8 May 2014

Diagrams of the city

Is this drawing are three different diagrams , which are the basis of the relationship of the program and the city. In each diagram we can distinguish 6 levels with which I have been working on these levels were divided according to the daily activities of people , initially we found an eighth level , which corresponded with the city itself . The rest of the levels are distributed according to the city can find different activities. We are working on the city of Alicante is why we find the nodes of each activity in the city with a different size according to number of people in that space conglomeren for that particular activity.
In the second diagram , apart from the above we find the different movements between levels and between zones aimed at each level, as we can see , there area despite being directed to the pampers activity, are too far apart from each other, what causing further displacement of people in the city .
In the third diagram we can observe the agglomeration of people in each area as well as the overlap of the different levels in the same area , for example , the beach can be counted as a relaxation area and in turn as a social intreraccion area .

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