Thursday, 13 February 2014

Models: Structure, Spaces and Materials

  This time, I made ​​three models, each on materials, structure, and space respectively.

 The first of these is on the most common materials that can be found in the montain area of my city. With all of them a placement order is established by common usage. And as a whole, form an architectural structure:

  The second model  on structure. This is the design of search movements. Wanting to combine chess with arquitecura and ideas, among them we find movement and design and therefore in this model can be seen both linear motion design movements as intertwined. The set, in general, is a stable and strong structure as might be the union of chess with the architecture:

  The third model, the latter, on the spaces, combines more rational graph, protected, private space closed and homogeneous, with the transition to an open, without order, with chaos public space, and heterogeneity. And between these two spaces is the space, transition, half open space, with some vision abroad and combining elements of the two interior spaces that aims to unite and engage:

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