Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Interaction with people and diagrams

   We have reached a point of the project we need to relate to the possible people who are using my architecture. Then, I've done a survey to my students in the class of chess. This survey is helps me to understand the relationship of chess somehow with the architecture in the thinking of other people. Therefore, we can see as my project which can have other meanings in the public space not only for me in my private space.

   With this we can already make a diagram that see the positions and movements according to a space or another, private and public, respectively. This helps us to understand the mobilities and different program that may exist in different areas with same architecture:

   Finalmente, yo puedo hacer un análisis más profundo de los dos espacios: público y privado; y puedo estudiar toda la información que hay y con ello todos los elementos relacionándolos unos con otros:

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