Thursday, 19 December 2013

Another job for the A1

   Another approach to my project I made different drawings to hand that explain the relationships and all the ideas and information of all the subnamespaces that exist in my project. The study of all the spaces leads us to identify positions, movements, frames... and thus, geometrize the spaces. This appears on the following drawings:

   These drawings can help us to relate all the information that we have from our project and, therefore, there are geometric patterns that identify namespaces, colors that distinguish objects and levels, the relationship between movements of the chess pieces... all that can study it with the following research:

   Which finally brings us to create a new model that unifies our project both in private and in public. Finally it was decided to unify the two areas to study in depth a compact space. The ideas that will appear will be complex but within the line of our project: construction, materials, imagination, comfort, nature, art and design.

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