Thursday, 14 November 2013

First model "My architecture"

I have researched different ideas surrounding my project. My intention is to create an architecture studio in my room, my personal space. To do this, combine the ideas of chess, that is my job now with the most important ideas of architecture. As I explained in the previous A1, I will do research on mixing the different ideas that make my architecture.

In first time, I have combined plant materials with the figure of the horse. I have designed the possible cupboard of my study:

The Bishop is a sign of comfort and relaxation, that is why, with this model I can see the possible result of furniture designed with form of bishops. The projected shadow of the great Bishop as Studio lights can also be seen.

With the pawn that is a perspective of the construction and location of my architecture Studio, I wanted to show a filter for the shadows and lights of my room.

The lady as a design can be a part of a wall of my room with all the drawings and designs hanging from the wall and all the images in the transformation of my room.

In the tower are all materials that surround me in my daily life. I've done as a section of the land where are parts: stones, metal mesh, sand, cardboard, wood and vegetation.

And finally the set that has been the investigation of my possible architecture study designed to my taste:

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