Sunday, 3 November 2013

Exercise A1 of my project

My project and my way of understanding architecture have focused in my room as a place of work. A place to study where architecture is present in all the sites and, in addition, to creating a comfortable place for work.

All the ideas are present. Relationship to my work now, chess is somehow present in my way of understanding architecture. So from peón considered the Builder sees constructions surrounding my room, my place of work.

The Bishop, considered the buffoon pretends to understand architecture as one way to create fun and also as a comfortable space.

The horse plays within the nature of all vegetable and free spaces that surround my place of work.

The tower is rock. But there are different materials that are always present and already characterized my place in my regular life.

The Lady is that designs the game of chess. The design has to be present in all architecture and design and the art of thinking is very important when it's the time to creat architecture.

Finally, the architecture of each architect depends on their training and studies. But there are also what determines your life, trauma, thoughts, beliefs... why not two equal architects.

My room presents this form. Into this, there ara some ideas. I have to creat my space to study and work, for this, I need to have a place that I feel very relaxing for design and think. And, by means of an axonometric, I try to investigate the different sensations that you see in the room according to the material of which consists.

The next step is to integrate all ideas into one making and they will be combined together. This create my perfect study of architecture. I combine my room such as if it were a checkerboard.
On the other hand, with a photomontage I combine the ideas that I have to be an architect with scenes that appear in the video.

So, on the other hand, I research the traces that are produced from these ideas in my room. To do this, using a hose, I do the floor of my room on the top of the chess board and drawing the shadows that are produced from the tiles from the Board. As seen on the picture.

Finally, the composition of the A1 with all investigated is this.

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